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Region of Occupation: Realm of Neverwere, Realm of Andromeda

Clans within Species: Several, depending on climate and region.

Preferred Race(s): Aristefale, Humans, Hraichi Elves

Spoken Languages: Sekht, Diohh'taa, some other languages for trade.

Allowed Classes: All, though most are not fighters.

Alignment(s): Ranges from Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Evil

General Appearance: They are technically "alien" but appear to be an exaggerated hybrid of the Earthen Leopard, Archaeopteryx, Owl, and Monkey.

Colorations vary, I will more than likely keep the colors region specific.

Warmer Regions: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Browns, etc etc. Colder Regions: Blue, Purple, White, Black, Grey, Pinks, Magenta, etc etc

Patterns often vary quite greatly between different characters, no two are alike.

They molt TWICE a year, once to get rid of fur and other to get rid of feathers for fur. Summer and winter, respectively.

Size varies for females, often much larger than their male counterparts, easily by four to eight feet taller and much heavier. Colder region Dioda are often built thicker than their warmer climate counterparts.

They are sentient, and depending on the area or will to evolve technologically, tribal society and hierarchy can be expected.


  • Between 8 and 17 feet tall.
  • No arms (just wings).
  • Longer ear tassels
  • Can have a stump tail or medium-long length tail, fluffy.
  • Five-toed feet.
  • Are capable of breath magics.
Dioda male.


  • Between 5 and 11 feet tall
  • Four arms, clawed.
  • Short ear tassels, longer tail tipped with attacking spurs.
  • Beaked mouth hidden in tail tip fluff (for hunting and protecting children)
  • Horns, spikes, facial/body protrusions.
  • Three-toed feet.
  • Are capable of learning magic.

Important Dioda: Suul a Tii, Broodmother of the Froststar Clan, Tundra Climate, Xina'tu, Broodmother of the Yiyatine Clan, Temperate (Forests) Climate, Epherlienne, Broodmother of the Terablace Clan, Semiarid (Deserts) Climate

Special Abilities: Females, depending on climate, adapt to hunt with a breathweapon, akin to dragon-kind. Males are capable of learning magic.

About: The females lay eggs and then abandon the nest. The males scoop the eggs into their tail mouths to keep them warm until they hatch. They protect the young until they are big enough to hunt on their own. Females occasionally will feed their young, but have been known to eat them. They are homiovores.

Dioda reference.