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Fatarras, otherwise known as "fauns", are bipedal (Mutarros are quadrupeds), and vary depending on tribe.

Region(s) of Occupation: Varies, depending on tribe.

Skin: Can be light or dark, depending on how much sun a region has.

Fur: Long or short, always from the waist and lower abdomen down to the toes.

Eyes: Various colors. Can be any color imaginable.

Hair: Tends to be the color of the fur, if multiple colors are present, hair is highlighted with those colors.

Tail Length: Depends on tribe/animal breed.

Paws/Feet: Depends on tribe/animal breed.

Age Expectancy: Rumored to be immortal.

Languages Spoken: Elven, Human Common, Universal Common, Dragon.

Special Abilities: Depends on breed, but a commonly seen special ability is climbing.