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Region of Occupation: Anywhere, usually gather in clusters and build towns, similar to Human Beings.

Clans within Species: None, take name of town

Preferred Race(s): Humanoids, but most prefer not to be around humans, the likeness in appearance and wrongfully pointed out race tends to piss them off a bit.

Spoken Languages: Universal Human/Elvish, Serpent, Gova, usually speak any language that is popular in the area.

Allowed Classes: can be any, “Jack of all Trades” race

Alignment(s): Ranging, depending on area, from True Evil to True Neutral to True Good.

General Appearance: Depends on area, most adapt to environment. Average 8’1” - 10'9", Blue to Brown eyes, Black to Blonde hair, Skin tone depends on climate (cold for pale, hot for tan). They are normally very muscular with thick bodies.

Important Gova: Malek (I. Divi), Captain of the First Imperial Division.

Special Abilities: Spawn an extra set of arms out of their ribcage area for combat, very strong.