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A Kurienette, smirking for the camera.

Region of Occupation: Realm of Secta'myr

Clans within Species: None

Preferred Race(s): Aristefale, Humans

Spoken Languages: Kuri, some other languages for trade.

Allowed Classes: All, though most are not fighters.

Alignment(s): Ranges from Lawful Neutral to Lawful Good

General Appearance: Elongated skull which tapers to a point, segmented tail (five segments for younger children, more when grown) and segmented arms that float near what appears to be their "shoulders," six red eyes, long gangly fingers, soft sandstone textured skin which is usually a grey or neutral color.

Important Kurienette: Duka Duka

Special Abilities: Living Statue: Ability to stay immobile for ages without needing to breathe or eat; Paralyzing Glare: Can turn one target into a living statue for no longer than seven days, however, older generations tend to be able to manipulate the strength of this magic.