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Lo'cknatii are a dying race of alien hunters. Most have become pirates or criminals to make ends meet.

Regions of Occupation: Cities, Spaceships

Climate Preferred: Moisture is a plus

Known Clans/Tribes: None

Preferred Races: "Alien" races, like Yon-Tur.

Spoken Languages: Lo'cknatii, some Common languages for trade.

Allowed Classes: Melee classes

Alignment: Usually Chaotic Neutral

General Appearance: Muscular upper bodies; elongated heads with breathing "bulbs" in the head, arms, and thighs; tendrils covering the mouth; elongated legs with double joints; males are greyish blue with yellowish orbs, and females are a purple-grey with green orbs.

Important Lo'cknatii: D'ekka, slave trader.

Special Abilities: Some Psionics, breathe underwater, sonar.