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"Diisana Cabaal, my little hop'ii" -- Birthday wishes from Sadira to her little Prince.


Current Year in Neverwere: 5015

Welcome to Neverwere! Please do not remove your seatbelt until the ship has come to a complete STOP.

A M'iir Tek Pendant!
  • If you are not wearing your M'iir Tek Pendant, please remain seated, and the night terrors will be with you shortly (If you try and move, the night terrors will know you aren't wearing a pendant and will kill you anyway. Please remain calm when inducing your own death. Thank you!)
  • If you are wearing your M'iir Tek Pendant, please come with me, as you are in the clear to enter this Realm, at the behest of her Majesty, Sadira (X. Mortus).

I am your guide to this world, a spirit that has long since been a helping hand since Sadira was very small. My name is Xyyr, but you needn't worry about that right now. Just follow me...beyond the Plane of M'iir Tek and into the Realm of Neverwere. Welcome to the Dimension of the Giants, of which Neverwere is the largest realm. Neverwere itself isn't an obtainable or livable space, but a collective name for the systems and galaxies that fall within the borders. So there is not a real way to visit it all in one day! Since Neverwere appears "invisible" to most worlds, it is considered a world that doesn't exist, but that is only because it lies behind an illusional dimension, The Plane of M'iir Tek. In order to see the borders to Neverwere, one must be capable of detecting illusions, which in the laws of the 9 collective Realms, is only possible by ancient sorcerors (or special spirits like myself!).

It is highly recommended that you research the races and characters of these worlds before venturing too far. One must know the customs and languages in order to be a great diplomat, right?

Also, be weary of the creatures of this world...some are not what they seem.

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  • 2012-11-21: Our guest book really sucked. So we had to pimp it. Go, sign it! =) Reiika (talk)

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The page, and everything belonging to it, is being hosted by RPGfiction, a project aimed at providing high quality roleplay in the internet. In the summer of 2009, we managed to get ourselves a kickass server, and Reiika/Chain paid for it in advance. Hosting is quasi-free (by working for it!), of course there still are costs (like replacing old/broken parts, saving for a better server, etc.). Please consider donating if you like the site! Thank you in advance!

Special Thanks

Thank you Chain for making me this wiki! <3 (and for being awesome of course. x3)