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The Plane of M'iir Tek was created at the end of the 12th War of the Worlds. Sadira had personally stopped the war, nearly expending all of the energy she had to create the Plane of M'iir Tek to protect her people. The enchantment around her realm would be as powerful as the one on the Sistine Sanctuary, but it would have to cover every border, every boundary, every galaxy, planet and star within it's borders. It almost killed her to do, but she enchanted the entire realm and all it's borders. From the center of the realm, a double-star known as Urd'asht, she started the enchantment, the world soon becoming invisible to that of every other realm.

The Plane of M'iir Tek is like a shield of sorts, but with much dire consequences should it be invaded. Without a pendant made from the Goddess's blood, anyone entering or exiting the plane will be succumb to their greatest fears...while parasites eat their flesh from the inside out. It is a most unpleasant experience, an illusion so great, that if it doesn't kill you first, the parasites will pick up from where the nightmarish environment left off...

Being outside of the Plane of M'iir Tek makes Neverwere itself appear invisible on any radar, and most ships succumb to its unnatural ability purely by accident, but as Sadira had decreed, "If one is allowed passage into Neverwere, they would make it here alive."

If someone is granted access to leave or enter Neverwere, he or she will be wearing a M'iir Tek Pendant.