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Kesht, outlined in orange.

Kesht had been a beautiful realm, booming with stars and populations of all sorts...until a war was sparked between Secta'myr and Kesht...then planets, stars, and even whole populations were destroyed. There is one system left, and it only has one planet capable of containing life, and that's Di. There aren't many different races in this desolate realm, mostly humans who have no hope or no real way out.


The only system now is the one that revolves around Guruush, a blue dwarf star. There are 18 planets in this system, Di being the only one with life on it. Originally Solomide had life, but it no longer has an atmosphere. There are NO other stars in this Realm.


Race Number of Persons Bar
Humans 560,000
Yon-Tur 28,000
Kalur Elves 1,000


Kesht is one of the only Realms that do not have a rule base to follow. To most, who have given up on trying to be lawful, it's an eat or be eaten type of world.

Interdimensional Exchange

Other Realms are not aware that there are people living in this realm, so trading goods is not available to the Di, which would be quite useful to the already struggling to survive. However, since no one realizes there are places in Kesht that have life, it has become a dump site on most planets for toxic and radioactive waste.

Money System

Credits (every person has a card that gets stamped). Metronic cards are loadable with up to 4 million platinum credits per punch space, 20 total. Platinum cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 10,000 gold credits. Gold cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 5,000 silver credits. Silver cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 2,500 copper credits. Copper cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 100 c-tin. C-tin is worthless other than for spare change or small purchases.

Cards are electronically imprinted with spaces for the money, so no one can draw them in themselves.


The only gemstone that is known to be available is diamonds, which are only worth 1 gold credit.

Fruits/Vegetables Commonly Found/Traded

Mercaida berry trees can survive high amounts of heat with little water (like a cactus), so they are very much available, as are humuno vegetables, which grow underground and are quite large.


They have quite advanced technology in Kesht from what could be scrapped, and plenty of weapons came from this, even a ship or two, but none having the ability to go very far without crashing.