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Secta'myr is the home to one of the most ruthless people in the Universe, not counting her majesty, Professor Sinn. Before he came along, it was a breeding and feeding ground for the Valquestrian race. Different races had started to choose homes in Secta'myr, more humans than any other realm, and a few scarce races of elves. It is a dangerous place to live...especially on the outskirts of the Realm...where the labs are.

Secta'myr is outlined in yellow, the professor's system is circled.


There are 48 systems of note in this realm, all of which have at least 1 planet with life on it. The system that is the most famous is the one revolving about the double-star of Grentau A and B, which contains the Professor's laboratories and planets plagued with his twisted creations.


Race Number of Persons Bar
Humans 1,342,620,000,000
Yon-Tur 28,000,000,000
Inorgianos 2,500,000,000,000
Ron'esti Elves 1,000,000,000

More pending~


The laws of Secta'myr are different from those in Neverwere and the neighboring realms in the sense that there are none. People just live day to day, and as most, have their own sets of rules. It's all in the hands of the people. The systems and planets closest to Sinn respect him and his wishes, however.

Interdimensional Exchange

Trading with other nations is forbidden. Neverwere has the Plane of M'iir Tek protecting it and other realms hold Sadira far too high up on their respect ranks to really trade with Secta'myr...not after the rumors spread of what Sinn did to her majesty.

Money System

Credits (every person has a card that gets stamped). Metronic cards are loadable with up to 4 million platinum credits per punch space, 20 total. Platinum cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 10,000 gold credits. Gold cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 5,000 silver credits. Silver cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 2,500 copper credits. Copper cards have 15 spaces to punch on them, each worth 100 c-tin. C-tin is worthless other than for spare change or small purchases.

Cards are electronically imprinted with spaces for the money, so no one can draw them in themselves. It is impossible to make counterfeit cards, as such, each has a unique electronic signature.


  • Mystic Ice Opal (EXTREMELY rare) - Worth 12,000 Metronic credits.
  • Mystic Fire Opal (VERY rare) - Worth 2,500 Metronic credits.
  • Bloodstone (rare) - Worth 800 Metronic credits.
  • Emerald (uncommon) - Worth 10 gold credits.
  • Ruby (uncommon) - Worth 3 gold credits.
  • Sapphire (common) - Worth 20 silver credits.
  • Diamond (very common) - Worth 12 copper credits.




Professor Sinn makes sure that each planet has the necessary technology to keep in communication with him. Advanced enough that they can transport people from planet to planet within split seconds.