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Reiika Fireseed Mortus   ReiikasName.svg
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Reiika Fireseed Mortus

Name Reiika Fireseed Mortus
Race Hraichi Elf
Quote "Why do we need to hurt each other? There's enough space and food for everyone!" -Reiika
Gender Male
Skin Color dark blue
Hair Color white
Hair Length short
Hair Style scruffy
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Reiika Fireseed Mortus is the youngest of 4 children living within the walls of the Sistine Sanctuary (and admittedly the favorite!), which makes him the first Prince of Neverwere.

Reiika is 3ft. 4in. (currently, will change soon!)

  • He has lighter blue lips, full, the bottom more thick than the top.
  • He has amber eyes that glow yellow at night.
  • He has full-body tribal scarring, magically created by his "Miirda", on his face, chest, neck, lower abdomen, hips, thighs and ankles.
  • He is a very curious child.
  • He is a very kind-hearted child.
  • He has very powerful innate abilities, no doubt inherited from his mother!

Reiika's Purpose and Birth

Sadira was alone, so lonely from day to day, that even Niisa had begun to worry about her. Every relationship (aside from the Harem and the Servants) had been a completely flawed experience from what she'd always wanted. Every man that tried to gain her affections merely tried to gain her power over the Realm, and every woman just wanted her for her body (quite the surprise actually), and even her children didn't want to stay with her for long periods of time. Xxyrthica (B. Mortus) was the only one that could stay for long periods of time, and even she moved on to other things (as most children do). She needed someone that would remain with her for eternity, someone that would love her unconditionally, someone who would never betray her trust, someone who she could call true family and a true friend at the same time.

It was then that she decided to MAKE a child instead of having one the traditional way. As a mutant AND a deity, she was able to have a child without sustaining too much damage to her frame. Without warning, without caution, she started her enchantment, readying the hive to prepare her a child. This child would be beautiful, breathtakingly so, just like Sadira herself, and the child would most definitely have to be male. Sadira had surrounded herself with females for so long, she forgot what having a real man around was like.

She locked herself in her bedroom, and immediately started her mutant birthing process, taking only an hour to have a well-developed child in his eggshell. The painful process was over after the snapping of her ribs, the stretching of her esophagus and stomach, but finally...she had a child. She had a son to keep forever. "Reiika..." she named him then and there in the slime of her afterbirth, cradling and warming the egg until it hatched.

It wasn't until that night that Reiika hatched, and Niisa came in at precisely the right moment, screaming, "What have you done?" and creating an instant aura of envy about her. This however, would soon have to be fixed, for Reiika was in the palace to stay, and nothing would ever change that.

Reiika was blessed that day with life, with power, and with a loving family, all in one.

Pictures showing Reiika

A not so short story

some night


Night 0

Sadira (X. Mortus) felt alone, and longed for someone who would stay at her side. Soneone she could talk to, someone who could get a big part of her life. Already on that day's morning she had told Niisa about her plans, but she just looked at her in shock, reminding her of Xxyrthica. Sadira had told her she was not about creating another monster, and her servant left the room. No, this time she would try to make a pure Hraichi!

That being said, she started chanting her ritual of creating new life. And it didn't need long time like normal births. Withing moments she could already feel him pushing her womb, and started the hard part of it: birth. What a painful sensation it was! So painful, Niisa entered the room again, and all shock on her face, seeing the egg. She was not quite happy about it, no she was jealous to a very extent. After an argument she left the room, leaving Sadira and her egg behind.

It was then, when the same cracked, and her new-born son saw his world for the first time. His very first word was "Miirda", which stands for "Mother" in Hraichi. He looked like a eight- to nine year old child, and as she didn't know how to name him, she took the name, which sticked in her head all the time: Reiika, which stands for Ria in Hraichi. The one she had a dream about. The one who she had thought of while birthing this child.

Reiika had his first, unique scars, like any Hraichi Elf, and to Sadira's happiness has not inherited her blindness or any of her mutations.

Day 1

Reiika is not even 24 hours old, but he is already astonishing. Not only that his beauty seems to know no borders, no, he is very good of anything he does, and very fond of everything he sees. When he first hears Sadira sing to wake the inhabitants, he silently wishes to sing along. He will surely do that later. Niisa is quite jealous of him, because he gets more attention from Sadira then she does. He however feels that from the beginning. And on his first way to the dining table, he finds quite many things to stop and look at, already having a sence for aesthetics, knowing what is good and nice. For now, the chef knows best how to handle him, except, of course, Sadira herself...

Not even the same day has passed, Reiika showed many interesting features. Not only can he see Niisas greed, no he also can sense positive emotions. His first contact with the chef was extraordinarly interesting, especially the moment where he managed to block the work of the whole kitchen - just by being there. He seems to be very suited for his upcoming work so far. However, there is also something negative to tell. Reiika had his first depressive trip, fired by Niisa which was just a misunderstanding, but still, it showed, that Reiika definitely *thinks* about his surroundings and tries his best to come along with it. But wait, that's not all! When Sadira arrived, she soothed him, which in turn showed that Sadira really *has* a soft side, and she is very good at being a mother so far. There was one more surprise, when Sadira tried to explain him his ties with Niisa, he showed that he already understands the concept of love, although not that of Sex. He promised her to try to better get along with Niisa because of just that fact!

Reiika has found out about his mother's blindness. And man was he surprised! After she told, and proved him, that she had something at least equivalent to it, he was soothed by that fact. Again, it seems the ties between the two are very dense, something very new to Sadira. He proved this by re-stating his love to her, and kissed her on her Forehead. After this, he got shown the gardens and all those who want to harm him. He couldn't quite understand that yet, his brain thinking in the ways of a nine year old child, not really accepting the fact someone wants to harm him on purpose. As a response of that, he simply decided to stay away from the gardens, and it might be quite uneasy to lure him out of the safe area. Last but not least Sadira and Reiika met Niisa, although an unusual way (she bumped into them). Sadira left the scene and left the two on their own, and they agreed on re-starting, giving each other a chance. To Reiika however, this meant much much more. He could sense the fact that she dropped her jealousy, which in turn brought her the young princes affection. When Sadira returned, they were hugging each other. Yes, the prince is truely warm-hearted. At the end Sadira called for a picknick in the gardens, and Reiika didn't want to do that at first, but as he heard Niisa's plead for joining them, he decided otherwise and bid her welcome. So they went outside together...

The three of them went into the garden, but almost instantly he had to cover his ears because of a loud screaching noise. They found out it was Fiirda, not really happy about a servant pushing him into the stables. This meeting yielded that Reiika was quite fond of dragons - and - of flying. Later when they started picknicking, he stood up for Niisa's rights, but it was to no avail. However, his wish of seeing the gardens from above was fullfilled by Sadira, by shifting into her avian form.

Having returned into the castle again, Reiika had to see that there are quite some questions whose answers are hidden from them. But he remains calm and silent. The group enters the pool having some fun together, and Niisa to see him naked the very first time. However, after having their fun, the questions without answers continued growing, and Reiika once again ran off. This time however, he ran to Fiirda, and had his first experience with his darkvision, and finally met Fiirda. After having a short talk he felt guilty and Sadira at that moment called him in a volume the whole kingdom might have heard it. Eventually he told her where he was and they laid arm in arm, Reiika crying because of the emotions queued up...

Night 1



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