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Sadira Xaviera Mortus   Name Symbol Small.png

Sadira, Spectral Form

Name Sadira Xaviera Mortus
Age Immortal - Looks 25!
Race Hraichi Elf-Mutant-Hybrid
Quote "Don't make me'll never be in this kind of pain again...or will you? I could arrange such..."
Gender Female and Herm
Height 23ft. 11in.
Weight 12,591lbs. - Earth; 8,991lbs. - Home Planet
Body Type Athletic and Curvy
Skin Color Dark Blue
Hair Color White
Hair Length 17ft.
Hair Style Intricate braids and ponytails
Markings Tribal scarring
Clothing None, disdains the wearing of clothes.
Likes ....
Dislikes ....
Personality Temperamental, non-approachable.
Occupation Goddess of the Realm of Neverwere, Matriarch of Neverwere
Class All

What People See

"What you see before you is a creature of wonder. Not a demon, as many would think, based on her initial appearance. Not just an elf either. She is something else entirely, something not of this world. Standing at over 13ft tall, with azure skin that glistens in the light, Sadira is a sight to behold. Scars cover every inch of her body, a rite of passage for her race, and though painful they in themselves are something to be wary of.. If the massive claws of this giant of a woman was not enough. Capable of rending even steel a useless pile of scrap, each claw is almost constantly covered in a glove that protects, mostly others, from harm. Then, there are the hooves. Part of her unique heritage, they aid to the overall breath taking appearance to this beautiful specimen, but they are far from the highlight. If one were to get close enough to see her face, they would note another set of scars on her eyes.. Sadira is blind.. But that does not mean she can not see you. For when you get close to one such as she, oh, she knows.. and the cheshire like smile that appears afterward.. Well, let's hope you didn't have anything else you were needing to do this lifetime." --Kit, recalling her impression of the Goddess.


  • Sadira is the current Matriarch Deity of the Realm of Neverwere.
  • She is the figure-head of the duality in all things, living or otherwise, and as such, governs both the Spectral and Material Planes.
  • Sadira is 23ft. 11in. (hooves are four inch heels basically)
  • She is Female with Hermaphrodite properties.
  • She has dark blue skin, as she is an Hraichi Elf.
  • She has white hair. It's always 4 feet longer than her body height, and is usually in an intricate or basic design.
  • She has one white eye. She is blind.
  • She has full body tribal scarring that is pink, but she has her servants paint them black.
  • She has a single vertical scar across her left eye. That is light blue as well.
  • She disdains wearing clothing.
  • Her hooves are light blue, as well as her nipples and the inner flesh of her sex and mouth.
  • Her claws are bone, with deep, designed, carved trenches in them, each claw is 2 1/2 feet in length, the middle is 3 feet even.
  • Her blood, if exposed to the air, crystallizes and shatters on contact.
  • She can change the pH levels and composition of her bodily fluids to become more acidic.
  • She has venom sacs in her mouth and can introduce venom into the bloodstream while feeding.

Sadira's Past


The Birth

Kalika Asuki B'iren was born on Jundus (January) 31, 1185 of the new years in Neverwere's history, at the exact instance the Queen of Neverwere was slain in battle. This was about a millenium after the collapse and reconstruction of the entire realm at the hands of Daashub himself, the God of Neverwere at the time. Kalika wasn't the only child born on that day, but she was the first...the eldest of the twins. They were both born at the instance the previous Queen died...and it was then that their father, Dumirian B'iren, realized that only one of the children was really his own. Since Kalika bore the largest of the marks blessed upon them by Daashub, he named her "Kalika", meaning "disowned" in Hraichi. He knew at that time that Kalika wasn't really his...but Talina...she was. It had only made sense. So from the time she was born...Kalika had always gotten the worst of everything. She was a beautiful baby too, perfect blue skin, and soft fuzzy hair...however, she was born with no color in her eyes...she was born BLIND.

The Prophecy

Hanaran and Dumirian took the twins to their tribe's Wiseman, Sehtnatii L'yrane...and they were told that the children would have to fight to the live in peace.

"I foresee a great war, two worlds...

neither of these worlds are ones that we know of.

Talina, the Guardian, will be sent to protect one...

Kalika, the Slayer, will be sent to destroy the other...

Which is which has yet to be decided.

The two will grow to be powerful adversaries,

but each will realize their individual strengths after the One war.

Keeping them together now is against the Will of our God, Aryno.

You must separate them at once and get them out of our world,

or destruction at the hands of Aryno will follow, and swiftly."

Only one of them was really supposed to be alive at this point, but Daashub interfered and Hanaran became pregnant with twins, which threw a monkey wrench into the entire plan. Originally Talina (K. B'iren) was supposed to take the reigns of the Realm of Lii'tenx from Aryno. However, once Daashub interefered in a world that was not his, the tides shifted, and sparked a War of the Gods...and the parents were told to separate the children at once. But...they had other plans with their children. They had to leave at once if they were to be a happy family.

The Early Childhood

Only five years of elven life, normal life as far as it could be for a blind child. She didn't get as much attention as her younger twin Talina, so she spent alot of time by herself, singing. She wasn't really allowed outside too often, in fear that her sight would cause an issue for her, or worse, get her hurt. She couldn't see the sun...or the moon...or anything to be sure of what time it was, so the years passed rather quickly. When the children were each 5 years old, they were taken to get their scars branded into their bodies...a painful experience, but they were numbed after the first few burns. Everything had seemed to be rather peaceful. Until...the day her parents really started to freak out. Hanaran and Dumirian were fumbling around the house, packing up things and getting ready to leave. And before she knew it...she was being taken by her parents, and loaded into a huge boat...but no one was speaking. They had snuck onto the boat...telling Kalika and Talina to keep quiet, or they would never be allowed to play or frolic again. It scared the scared them even more when the storm started.

Both of the children felt it. And each of them were huddled up in the corner, shivering. It was a cold rain, and the breeze was bitter and sharp...and then before they knew it...the boat was destroyed. The parents were separated from Kalika and Talina, and the twins were pushed away from each other. Kalika had nearly drowned, but ended up washing ashore to a human town, Damiyure. After a few days of being poked and prodded, she came to, and was adopted by a childless midwife, Midei.

There were only a few months between her arrival at Damiyure and when Midei finally realized that Kalika should be taught about humans...Midei had watched day after day as Kalika just sat around. She knew she couldn't speak any sort of human language, and deciphering what the child was saying was bad enough as it is. But, one day Midei had forced Kalika to go outside...she didn't want to, but the girl needed some sunlight...or some interaction, or something! However, the children of Damiyure weren't as nice, or as forgiving. They stoned her...and they hurt her...

But she retaliated. Her innate psychic abilities had awakened, and she was able to defend herself on a higher level than anyone Midei had ever seen. She had to take measures. Midei took Kalika to the Red Council, a group of men that were trained in the magic-arts and watched over the town. They appointed Jaxiel to take care of Kalika, and help her to develop her psionics, even teach her human ways so that she could live among them. Midei didn't get to see Kalika after that...and wouldn't until her training was done.

The Mid-Childhood

Jaxiel wasn't hard on fact, he was rather gentle with her. After he had found out that she was the prophesized Queen of Neverwere, he couldn't help but treat her with the most respect possible. He told her, before she knew how to speak in human, that he hoped she would become a "peace-loving and beautiful goddess...". And it was then, 8 years after her training, that Kalika was allowed passage back into the town of Damiyure. And this time...she wouldn't allow herself to fall victim to people's insecurities about her.

The Teen-aged Years

At 13 years old, Kalika already knew more about the world than most girls and boys her age, so had no need to go to school with the other kids. She took her time to learn how to ride a horse, taking care of the neighbor's black stallion Moonshadow. In return, she was allowed to ride as much as she wanted to. And Moonshadow liked her alot, trusted her as a rider. And she looked absolutely stunning mounted on that black horse. For 4 years she took care of that horse, day to day taking Moonshadow and riding in and out of the Forbidden Forests and setting up her own little place.

She had also taken a liking to using a bow, and it was in her blood to be naturally good at it. Her father was a ranger, afterall, but she didn't know. She couldn't remember anything from before the town itself. Nothing of her parents, or her sister, exactly the way that destiny wanted it to be. Every day from then on, she continued to go into the woods to practice with her bow. She had made friends with the local blacksmith, who made her a customized marine-jewelled bow to practice with. Menacala was his name.

Fortunately enough, Menacala worked at night, the time she liked to be out the most. And when he found out where she actually goes around this time, she responded, "..the forest. Of course. I find myself identifying with it more." "...what? The Forbidden Forests?? Kalika you know better than to go there! There's rumors of monsters hanging around! Please...please don't go back there."

Kalika didn't understand it...not at first...and being blind, she never really SAW anything. Her psionics were never really activated in she never saw the threat that people spoke of. "...I'll be fine. Remember that I have a weapon..." she said to him, and that was the last time she ever saw him. She never came back from those woods...because something else got a hold of her first...a vampire...

Kalika Asuki B'iren, in a red and white leather outfit made by her 'mother'.

The Vampiric Year

Kalika met Vincent Argent in the woods, the Forbidden Forests to be exact. He'd been watching her for a while now, and he immediately recognized the symbol that glowed on the back of her neck. She was the new Queen...the prophecy had begun. And so did his plan to seduce her...once the Queen was in the care of the vampire race, their plan to take over the other races would be complete. And for a year she stayed, feeding from whomever Vincent brought into the caverns. wasn't until she decided to go exploring in the caves that she found an opening to the surface, the very very top of the cliffs of Num'aryn...where she met Kai'den, Vincent and Damien's younger...unturned brother...and Kalika found him absolutely fascinating...but when Vincent discovered this he was most displeased...and slayed Kai right in front of her. Kalika couldn't see, but the scream...and the blood was all she needed to feel and hear. Kai was dead.

Kalika couldn't take it...everyone she came in contact with was going to die...and she couldn't take that...and something awakened inside of her...something fiery...and something dangerous. She immolated the entire forest...and took revenge on the vampires...even slaying Vincent...the bastard that took everything from her. And she ran away...

She'd only managed to get so far before finding another vampire to spend time she grew to like him, even want to be with him a little more intimately...something happened...a sphere of energy formed around her...taking her away from all of that. It was too hot for her to handle in the ball, and she'd passed out...where she was being taken...she would never forget.

The Kidnapping

“Kalika…” the professor’s voice finally breeched her foggy consciousness. She could barely see anything, and when I tried to move, sharp piercing pain penetrated her bound body. Her head sunk, as if she had neither strength nor the will to keep herself awake. She screamed as the professor activated the spinal needles, and tried to pull herself as far away from the very thing that was trying to impale her.

The professor grabbed her face, “That’s it, Kalika, rise and shine. I want you to be well aware of everything that I’m going to do to you.” He looked directly into her eyes and smiled, “You have your mother’s eyes…”

Tears welled up in her eyes, and as it trickled down her scarred faced, she gathered these words, “I never knew my mother…” She stopped herself from choking as the metal brackets enclosed around her throat, arms, legs and waist from behind. “Why? Why are you doing this to me?”

The professor showed no emotion as he went over to the computers. Punching in a code of some sort, he said, “You, Kalika, are exactly what I need to take over the Realm of Neverwere. My dearest queen…” he trailed off, “…and no one can stop me, not even you. After today, you won’t remember anything from your life: family, lovers, friends. There will be only me.” He pushed a few keys, sending Kalika into his specialized pod. He ignored her screaming and grinned as the metal brackets subdued her. Nothing in the universe can stop this…not even the god of Neverwere…

She squirmed as most subjects would, and pounded vehemently on the plexi-ethylene that contained her. Her ranting, clear but muffled, made its way to the professor’s ears, “Let me out of here! I don’t want to be a pet! LET ME GO!” When the pods needled tubes started to pierce her, she calmed in motion, but still kept screaming.

The tank filled with water, and a breathing tube with a metal mask screwed itself into her jaw. Battered, bleeding, and in excruciating pain, she stopped herself from fighting it, giving up all hope for anything. The brackets ripped her up as she started to crumple to the pod floor, holding her in place as a tube lodged itself down her throat. That was the last conscious thing she could feel…all else was a blur… .

The First Mutation

Unfortunately, Sadira's first mutation was one of the most painful ones that she had ever had to experience. For several months, Professor Sinn had been incubating her body in a vat of water, constantly pumping her body with even intervals of pure energy and mutatagenic symbiotes that he had spent years manipulating for this very purpose: to create his ultimate weapon.

The sting of the energy being in her body had worn off after some time, but the next hours of her amazing transformation were going to be exponentially more agonizing to experience.

The first thing that happened was her air supply was cut off. The tube seemed to be working just fine, but it separated from her face without giving her a chance to take a breathe. As she tried to hold her breath, she felt the painful tearing of her scars. They were sensitive to begin with, but this was different, they were literally tearing at the tops, splitting down the middle to open up her flesh...what purpose could that possibly serve?! Why must her Hraichi heritage be taken from her?!

It was then that a nasty black liquid started to ooze out from under her scar tissue. She couldn't see it, but she could feel it. It was heavier than the water but it seemed to stick firmly to her form, encasing her in a cocoon of acidic gel. As tightly as it was squeezing her, she could now breathe. However, this simple joy was cut short when the inside temperature of the cocoon started to rise to dangerous heights.

Her skin started to stick to the sides of the cocoon, only to be pulled so that her body could expand. Bones started breaking and elongating, her muscular structure changing every step of the way. With her long ears and sensitive hearing, she could hear the very fabric of her sinew being ripped apart, only to regenerate and be ripped over and over and over again. The worst part was that her body kept her awake to experience every growing organ, every tear, every change in her body...and then...once her full-fledged mutation was complete, she was finally allowed to pass out, memory wiped clean of who she had been, once the proud Kalika B'iren...turned Sadira X. Mortus.

The Realization

It was on and off through the next four mutations that Sadira realized that she could keep escaping. She could keep trying to get free, and would continue to do so until she was strong enough and stable enough to stand on her own. She was able to get away after form VII, let loose by Tiden, Professor Sinn's right-hand assistant. She also realized that she was not "home." She was in Secta'myr, which was a different realm than her own. When she discovered this, she spent years getting back to what she could barely remember as her homeland. Was it even Neverwere? It didn't feel right to her.

As time progressed, she became more and more powerful, able to conquer any problem in her path, and it made her very aggressive towards true freedom, and aimed to crush anyone who opposed the idea.

The Escapes


Taking the Throne


The Present

The Blind Can See

How Sadira sees Niisa and Axeface.
A shortened spectrum on how Sadira sees the world.

Sadira was born blind, that hadn't changed even after mutation. But, something else happened instead. Her mutated eyes, those hiding beneath her scars, give her the ability to see movement and living objects in spectrums of vivid color. This sight doesn't work on objects that are not moving, however, so she is still blinded. It helps her in combat against many, especially those who bend the elements to their will.

Many people do not know where they fall on this spectrum, as it is entirely unique to Sadira. But, in a very short explanation, creatures that are godlike in power are white, and the colors move backwards to black when creatures decrease in energy.

A Forbidden Relationship

Tongeto Deor, a human being, had managed to be swayed against the view of Sadira being a monster. She had murdered his cheating wife, yes. She was a powerful, aggressive monster, yes. But, he found that inside all of that was a woman. A beautiful, sensitive woman. Though, for some reason, something inside of Sadira would not allow her to open up to him, not at first.

It took another capturing for him to see up close and personal how much of a victim Sadira really was, and he considered himself to be the monster. He quit working for the elite forces and helped Sadira escape, but then disappeared at her hand. No one knows where he is, but if one were to ask Sadira if she was in a relationship, she would be evasive in her responses. This is why.

What Sadira's mouth looks like when she opens it completely.~


Sadira's body changed permanently after her time in the laboratories, something even she as a deity could not change.

Experimentation Number: 000-999-IX

Age at time of first experiment: 17

Height at time of first experiment: 6’1”

Weight at time of first experiment: 195lbs.

Eyes: White

Hair: Body length/white

Claw length after first experiment: 2’5” each prong


Sadira's facial skeletal structure.

Bone Structure: Hollow, spiked on the legs, spine and sternum. No bottom jaw bone. Morphable bones, able to change shape rather fluently. Hooves. Spikes on the knees.

Muscle Structure: Heavy muscles around claws and in lower section of face for expansion of mouth. Otherwise, toned very nicely. Muscles can become like leeches and seep through her scars: strangulation/eating/annihilation/etc.


Brain: Larger than average. I.Q way above normal (because she is a psionic creature, she uses all of her brain consciously). Emotional capacity: nonexistent. Temperament: Non-approachable.

Tongues/Scar-Mouths: Prehensile, as well as dry and sharply-tipped. Better used for stabbing than grabbing.

Esophagus: Heavily muscled. Expands to consume prey depending on her height at the moment and her victim’s size. Vocal cords: one metal that is attached to her mask. Where the esophagus meets the stomach there is a fan-like organ that grinds up anything that passes it. ((See mask section.))

Venom Sacs: These are located in the canines. There are three different sacs with three different venoms that can be mixed and matched at will. One is for "pleasure", one is for "numbing/paralysis", and one is "acidic", which acts as a defense mechanism when cornered or incapacitated.

Hearts: 3 hearts. Each connected to the last. 2 actually organs. 1 machinic to keep the others in rhythm. Veins are parasitic and feed from Sadira’s energy supply to keep her hearts beating.

Lungs: 4 lungs. 2 sets of 2. 1 set machine and 1 set regular. Machines are connected to the mask as well.

Stomach: Dry. Cold. 100s of tendrils on the inside of stomach’s walls that light up and search for invaders. (Basis of immune system) Stomach is not connected to digestive tract. A hole opens up from the bottom and connects to the womb to feed the rest of what is not desired to her womb’s tentacles. Tendrils have mouths and teeth all their own.

Sadira's tendril anatomy.

Womb: 6 Tendrils that are phallic in appearance. Each have mouths and are the source of Sadira’s cum. Womb itself has a thick slime coating that can form hard eggshells around whatever comes into her.

The Hive: The massive organ that holds the tendrils of Sadira's womb. This is the fleshy organic DNA collector of her body, and allows her to use this DNA to clone and create children/people/new bodies.

Digestive Tract: Has intestines. More just there than anything else. Do not have a real purpose.

Skin: Naturally blue. Tribal scarring which has been turned into eyes. Can open and close them at will.

Eyes: Fiery red. Ooze liquid that can dissolve even the strongest of spectral beings. That same acid can also coagulate and turn into movable tentacles. Absorb energy and can actually allow Sadira to see.

Acids: Daily, Sadira oozes the acids from her eyes and has it painted onto her pink scarring and around her arms as gloves. She is psionically linked to this part of her body, so she can control its movement and its potency.

Mask/Spinal Adaptor: Machine (obviously). Engineered after Sadira’s mutation away from breathing air. Filters inside the actual mask itself to convert all of the molecules in the air, blood, etc to its purified form. All of her organs, therefore, connect to it.

Blood: It's like having sex, winning the lottery, and ruling the world all at once. Sweet, addicting, and purely powerful. It creates a pleasant burn within from the adrenaline rush it causes, tightening the muscles to the point of orgasming. It is very potent, and very, very addictive. Drinking too much can cause an addictive psychosis, which causes the drinker to go into withdraw for two minutes or more of being detached from Sadira's blood. So it does, in short, have enslaving properties.


Sadira's reproductive anatomy.
  • Using her organic hive and womb, she can create life in her womb, which will grow at a rapid rate inside of an eggshell. When the egg is ready, she passes it through a hole in her stomach and through her esophagus. Her ribs separate and extend from this as the egg moves upward, and then she quite literally hacks the egg up.
  • It takes about three weeks for a child who is "toddler" sized to grow into "adult" size. Painful bone-growth happens overnight every night from birth to growth completion. Power is given in intervals or not at all in some cases.
Sadira's acidic body.

Mutant Forms

Sadira has 13 forms from mutation that she can shapeshift into.

  1. Normal Form ( Picture ) Size: 13'11" - This is considered Sadira's "base" form, the one she will more than likely be in.
  2. Winged Form (Dragonic wings and headless tail) Size: 15'10" - More like a "succubi" in this form, where she has bat-like wings and a tail with a smooth, round head. The joint of the hands that create the wings are mobile, and can grab objects.
  3. Mermaid Form ( Picture ) Size: 95'9" - This form is Sadira's secondary form, she can change its size to match her location. She is mermaid-like in this form, but her tails split where the knee would be into two tails. This form DOES have wings, but they seal to the back when folded.
  4. Double-Jointed Form (Feathered wings with eyes on the back) Size: 25'8" - This form has "grasshopper" like joints in her legs, perfect for running and jumping at high rates. The wings are feathered and short, but smooth on the back and covered in scars that open into eyes, these form a shield of protection.
  5. Brute Form (Size increased 2x, Bones are thicker) Size: 27'9" - In this form Sadira is quite thick, masculine even, but retaining her basic body type. Her jaw expands and remains open in this form, to scare off prey.
  6. Mont'eii Form ( To be described/drawn ) Size: 76'6"
  7. K'da Sii Form ( To be described/drawn ) Size: 120'10"
  8. Wyvern Form ( Picture ) Size: 314'8"
  9. Muu'idyr Form ( Picture )
  10. Spectral Form ( Picture ) Size: Unknown - This form is Sadira's most well known form, as it is really only used for business in the Spectral (Afterlife) Realm. Her body is split down the middle in color and in details, the left half of her body is "demonic" and light blue, and is seen as her full self in the Spectral Realm, the physical world sees the split form.
  11. Wist'natii Form ( To be described/drawn ) Size: Unknown
  12. Nag'nityr Form ( Picture ) Size: 1,889' (body length), 201' (tail's circumference), 117' (blade on tail)
  13. Final Form (Unknown Appearance)



  • Sword ‘Split Apocalypse’ (Ethereal Blade)
  • Long War Bow ‘Marine Echo’
  • Master of Arcane Sanctuary (all magic spells, but rarely uses them)

(Rarely uses her weapons, as she has long claws to compensate for lack of real grabbing ability.)


Sadira, using her Shape-Shifting ability to retain her pre-mutant form. Often used as a disguise in other worlds.
Sadira, using her Shape-Shifting to assume a masculine form, for experimental reasons.

Active Spells:

  1. Fire Spells
    1. Passive Fire Spells: Warmth (Curative), Flame Barrier
    2. Active Fire Spells: Fire Bolt, Inferno, Blaze (Flame Trail), Fireball, Flare, Firewall, Encircle, Incinerate, Meteor, Fire Wraith, Lava Wall, Volcano, Fire Storm.
  2. Lightning Spells
    1. Passive Lightning Spells: Static Field, Lightning Barrier
    2. Active Lighting Spells: Charged Bolt, Nova, Bolt, Chain Lightning, Storm, Electroshock, Lightning Whip, Shocking Grasp, Lightning Blast, Lightning Blade, Lightning Wraith
  3. Ice Spells
    1. Passive Ice Spells: Defrost, Frost Barrier
    2. Active Ice Spells: Ice Bolt, Frost Sphere, Frost Nova, Frozen Blast, Glacial Spike, Blizzard, Glacial Wall, Ice Blade, Ice Wraith, Chill Touch
  4. Earth Spells
    1. Passive Earth Spells: Earthen Barrier, Breath of the Earth
    2. Active Earth Spells: Entangle, Avalanche, Earthquake/Fissure, Mudslide, Thorned Whip, Tectonic Pressure, Seismic Pull/Push, Uproot, Petrify, Earth Wraith
  5. Wind Spells
    1. Passive Wind Spells: Wind Barrier, Uplift
    2. Active Wind Spells: Gust, Hurricane, Tornado, Needled Winds, Mist/Fog, Atmospheric Drain, Wind Wraith
  6. Water Spells
    1. Passive Water Spells: Breathe Water, Suffocate, Water Barrier
    2. Active Water Spells: Tsunami, Water Cyclone, Aqua Sphere, Water Wraith
  7. Poison Spells
    1. Passive Poison Spells: Neutralize Poison, Antidote
    2. Active Poison Spells: Rotting Touch, Decay Object, Mind Rot, Infect, Poison Splash, Toxic Cloud, Infectious Summon, Poison Spirit
  8. Clerical Spells
    1. Passive Clerical Spells: Bless, Might, Shield of Faith, Resistance, Healing Circle, Healing Wave, Light Barrier
    2. Active Clerical Spells: Cure Light/Moderate/Serious/Critical Wounds, Regenerate, Rejuvenate, Searing Light, Revive
  9. Necromancy Spells
    1. Passive Necromancy Spells: Aura of Death, Weaken, Immunity
    2. Active Necromancy Spells: Summon Skeletal Warriors/Mages (from corpses), Revive Fallen Creature, Bone Wall, Corpse Explosion, Vampiric Touch, Soul Shred, Materialize Item (from a corpse), Touch of Death, Summon Lich, Summon Wraith, Infect Spirit
  10. Arcanic Kiss
    1. Active Arcanic Kiss Enchantments: Poison, Frozen, Shocking, Flame, Insanity, Fascination, Stardust, Transportation, Resurrection, Healing, Petrify, Stone, Death
  11. Psionic Spells
    1. Passive Psionic Spells: Comprehend Languages, Detect Thoughts, Discern Lies
    2. Active Psionic Spells: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Weird, Clairvoyance, Memory Obliteration/Persuasion, Telekinetic Levitation, Telekinetic Shield
  12. Illusion Spells
    1. Passive Illusion Spells: n/a
    2. Active Illusion Spells: Mirror, Induce Nightmare, Takeover, Dominate
  13. Time Spells
    1. Passive Time Spells: Haste, Slow
    2. Active Time Spells: Slow Time, Stop Time, Take Back (Rewinds Time), Time Warp, Time Push, Invoke Time Period


  • Not to be discussed.

("Go, ask if you dare!" Reiika 16:17, 18 June 2011 (CEST))

The Goddess of Duality

Sadira's domain is NOT balance. It is Duality. What is the difference? Simply put: Balance can be imbalanced. Everything that has a dual-side is what she is the goddess of. How does that effect worship? It doesn't. Sadira is not a goddess that can be worshiped, for she is a force that is rarely seen, but very known. Her children, the demi-deities of their domains, are.

Sadira is not a goddess that one normally worships to, but she is at times of great need because of her chaotic nature. Her children cover all domains, including: nature, water, fire, air (wind), lightning (weather), animals, sexuality, animals, time, force, and more. However, for every domain, Sadira controls that domain and its opposite because of HER domain. In a way, she is the MAIN goddess, but she more than 49% of the time is not in control of everything.


Sadira, in her prime. Sexy as hell.

best friends,
in love
Reiika (F. Mortus), Fiirda, Jack D., Tongeto Deor, Evea, Biida
good friends Niisa, Reni, The Harem
Xxyrthica (B. Mortus), Symara (A. Mortus), Liila (D. Mortus), Zalyxe (A. Mortus), Sokima (C. Mortus)
acquainted Dumirian (I. B'iren), Damien (M. Mortus), Blaike (S. Mortus), Lucern (D. Mortus), Armend (O. Mortus), Axeface
disliked Layla (L. Mortus), Tongeto
loathed Talina (K. B'iren)
hated Professor Sinn, Malova (J. Mortus), Visara (H. Mortus)