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A bitter enemy of the Serpen'taii, these remotely human looking creatures are at constant war with the more pureblood of dragons. A silly war, yes.

Region of Occupation: Tend to stay where there are people, but can live in caves, forests and swamps too.

Clans within Species: Sky, Earth, Star, Moon, Fire, Lightning, and Water.

Preferred Race(s): Humans, Elves.

Spoken Languages: Common tongue among all races, as well as their own.

Allowed Classes: Any, except Necromancers or that of evil alignment!

Alignment(s): Chaotic Good

General Appearance: They appear mostly human, and can take on pretty much any shape or form, their skin is usually pale and porcelain in texture, their eyes and hair may vary, but, as the lesser of dragon offspring, they do have scales on their legs, some have horns, some even have wings, but the genes are diluted enough that the wings cannot be used.

Important Ser'pin'tiik: Judacai, a child of Fiirda.

Special Abilities: Some may have breath weapons or flight, but it depends on the saturation of the human gene.

About the Serpent'aii: Serpent'aii believe that because they hold a bigger part of the dragon gene than any Ser'pint'iik, and this (by their own rules) have sought out to destroy those who have diluted draconic blood. These two races have been fighting for eons.