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The Impossible is fairly easy to basically is made of different dimensions, ones either known or unknown to the people of the Atrian Dimension (Sadira's worlds). Think of it like a pie chart. One piece of the pie is separate from the others, right? Well this is how dimensions work. They have their own realms, their own functions, and are sometimes completely unaware of different dimensions. They can have their own races, subspecies, even similar ones, but they usually cannot know the existence of other dimensions. Most people are aware of the existence of other dimensions, as alot aren't very close-minded about the sheer size of the universe as a whole.

Other KNOWN "Impossible" regions:

  • Atrian Dimension - "World of the Giants" -- This Dimension
  • C'e Dimension - "World of the Illusion"
  • Xyyr Dimension - "World of Shattered Dreams"
  • Ki'taht Dimension - "World of Endless Green"
  • Dy'kon Dimension - "World of Infinite Chatter"
  • Phi'uja Trivium - "World of the Uragi"