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TODO: complete logs - Reiika 16:33, 5 September 2009 (UTC)

About me

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It's chain :)

Most might know me as Chain, Ria, maybe even Zerzarc. There are many other names I am using, depending on the character I am playing, and on the setting of course.

Wanna see more? Go for it!

But here, of course, it is one very special character, Reiika.


It all started, when Sadira showed me their Hraichi Elf profile:

chain 2008-08-28T22:58:50+02:00 Already pondering to try one out^^
chain 2008-08-28T22:59:05+02:00 want a family member maybe? *hehe*
Sadira 2008-08-28T23:00:03+02:00 I give you permission to use the Hraichi base for your elves. ^^ And I can take it and make a picture for you. :3 first there was a little misunderstanding, I misinterpreted the word "Sibling". Better said, mistranslated it. A bit later this became obvious:

chain 2008-08-29T01:26:09+02:00 Oh me and my bad translations *sighs*
chain 2008-08-29T01:26:28+02:00 o.o It's not your fault dear.
Sadira 2008-08-29T01:26:31+02:00 *pat pats*

(more to come! curse you Adium for your Log files!)

And to this day, she never took that permission back.

So, here we are... :)

Contacting me

Well, there are several ways to contact me, so let's try to get this sorted:

  • IM
    • Jabber: chain (at) jabber (dot) rpgfiction (dot) net (this is my preferred way!)
  • e-mail: Reiika (at) rpgfiction (dot) net
  • If you want to hear about some other ways to contact me, drop me a line!

Please provide some information on who you are and where you found my contact.
Otherwise you might be blacklisted by automatic Anti-Spam Measures!!!