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Region of Occupation: Cities, Farms, etc. Very very domesticated, only found in colonies under the rings of Planet Klashniana (in the Realm of D'ydamyr).

Climate Preferred: None, do not follow the tribal upbringing.

Clans within Species: Xialiir

Preferred Race(s): Elves - Hraichi in particular, Humans, Serpen'taii.

Spoken Languages: Universal Elvish, Ÿon-tur, All human languages and Serpentai were learned for trading and economic purposes.

Allowed Classes: Bards, Hunters, Bounty Hunters

Alignment(s): True Neutral

General Appearance: Red Hair (dark or light), Dark Green/Blue Skin, Pink/magenta eyes or Light Blue eyes, light blue nethers/nipples/inner flesh, Natural Stitches.

Important Yon-Tur: Coaex, alien refugee.

Special Abilities: Doppelgangerism.